Samir Yacoub, or Sam as we all know and love him, is a Husband, Father, Brother, and Author.. we mustn't forget that part.

He began writing in 2011 after getting just plum sick of all the New Ageist and age-old Naturalist mentalities and teachings. Hadn't anyone seen the logical fallacies of it all?
Sam set out to inform and teach, to illuminate the dark, tattered teachings of old and bring a fresh and relevant perspective.

His first book, The Emperor Has No Clothes, was a fantastic success. It is now being circulated globally in its Third Edition and is available to read, for free, on this site.

Sam has partially* retired, leaving the family business to his two middle-children, to pursue the exploits of writing further. He lives with his wife and youngest son in sunny Southern California.


*it is unsure if Sam will ever fully retire as he adheres to the belief that, "working keeps you young."